In this information age it seems that people all over are talking about HACKERS and SCHEMERS.

Trouble Trouble everywhere ..WATCH OUT BE CAREFUL!!!!!AHHHHHHHHH!!

OK…so my point on Facebook today one of my friends posts how to close a LOOPHOLE that is letting hackers hijack your facebook page or something like that…i dont know I did what he said…but whatever…ok anyway back to MY POINT :0)

If these companies wouldnt leave LOOPHOLES in the first place there wouldnt BE an ISSUE. RIGHT??

Ephesians 4:27
and do not give the devil a foothold.

THIS IS HUMAN SPEAK FOR LEAVING OPEN : LOOPHOLES!!!! things that trip you by getting ahold of your foot…your walk

Stop leaving yourself open to being undermined and trapped  by your selfish interests, blame, excuses, pride, ego, drama, fear, indecision and compromising…

KEEP your EYES open

KEEP your EARS open

SEE THE TRUTH around you

and close those LOOPHOLES by the grace of GOD!!!

3 thoughts on “LOOPHOLES

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  1. yes, focus haha! (my comment after reading fallingintofavor’s – because i still don’t know her name!lol)

    great advice and wisdom. sound so simple but we make it so hard. 🙂


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