Spirit FLY

This morning on  89. 1 the Spirit radio station  they said that  the airline called Spirit is now charging you to have carry on baggage and they have no more reclining seats they are going to be all  fixed backs…

At first I was like WHAT!!!???

But if you look at this in the spiritual…could God be trying to tell His people something…

1. WE as His people are to FLY in the SPIRIT –NOT the natural

Flylady says FLY  is Finally Loving Yourself –love your neighbor as yourself…if you don’t love you in a healthy way to take care of your inner being you can’t love others!!!

2. Carry on baggage will cost you !!

Carry on baggage weighs you down. One of the definitions of baggage is intangible things (as feelings, circumstances, or beliefs) that get in the way. So all our emotional baggage..anger, hate, un-forgiveness, resentment, pride and so forth. Get rid of it!!

3. We are to have FIXED BACKS !!

We as Gods people are not supposed to be reclining around on our butts waiting for everything to be handed to us. Life is not some peachy ride that requires nothing of us. We are to have fixed backs. We are to stand for right. Live right. Do right. Be right. Love rightly. Fixed means: securely placed or fastened, it also means nonvolatile. We are to be BALANCE!!! Not like little volcanos that ground our flying.

Just a thought :0) Now FLY and GET RID of the BAGGAGE and FIX THAT BACK!!!

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  1. starla says:

    LOL..good I am glad that you had a MARY HEART..hehehe get it …mary merry…enjoy your trip!!
    Do that post on belief baggage…that would be awesome!!


  2. starla says:

    Thanks!! Yes let Him be seen in us…


  3. Starla! This post had me laughing…too much. One reason is that I’m sneaking a mini vacation to Italy, and that volcano almost grounded the flight! And I thought about how mad I’d be if my seat doesn’t recline. I’d have to be repenting the entire flight (yeah, I know…but I’m honest!). Well I shall be mia for a while, I’m going to post but I may not do much commenting.
    ps: get rid of the baggage?! and not be able to bring my cookies aboard.. NEVER!

    But on a serious note: the “belief” baggage that you mentioned needs its own post. I know so many people messed up because they didn’t learn the Word from the Word, they learned it from parents. Like, my grandma thought every woman was going to hell if they wore pants. Since in the Bible women/men aren’t supposed to wear anything pertaining to the opposite sex. And she took that and ran with it. There are other beliefs that get passed down, or taught wrong and we can start judging people based on that.


  4. Shelly says:

    Great insight concerning the baggage! It DOES cost us for sure! And being FIXED, keeping our eyes on Him, making right choices, being steadfast and allowing people to see Jesus in our words, action, and all that we do!



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