Truth(s) work together

It’s our task to seek out something with truth for us..-Jane Hamilton

My questions:

Is this statement true?? If so, If not Why? Does perception make it so for us?

There are different types of truth …

Personal Truth :


One may say I think Oreos are the best cookie…and another may disagree…

In personal truth both are correct!

How many things are like that! It is correct for the one who has the perception of this type of truth.

 How often do we find ourselves in arguments about personal truth, there really is no need to fight about it. . . and yet we bicker and argue over the silliest of things.

Universal Truth:


 The Law of Cause and Effect is a law that states –  everything has a cause and corresponding effect…so basically you reap what you sow!

If we react to our own internal anger caused by a driver who cuts us off and we begin to drive erratically, we have just become like the one who cut us off. In turn we will most likely start speeding up, cutting someone else off.

Next time you are in this type of situation remember that you are a link in a chain of events…like bumper cars they just keep bouncing off of the other cars until you get out of the car…choose not to be a part of the chain… feel the anger and let it subside as if watching it on a screen ..don’t react to it. You may well could have just saved a life by refusing to play the road rage game. Say a little blessing to the other who cut you off and smile..YOU DID A GOOD DEED!!:0)

Biblical Truth:

Example –

 Love one another….

We are to love the brethren like Christ loved us!!

I believe that these other two truths are in the bible as cant have it otherwise. The bible is about real life – the ups the downs and ins and outs…but if we let personal truth override Biblical Truth we can get into trouble…and at that time if we choose personal truth we have to deal with the consequences of Universal Truth -cause and effect/reap and sow.


We don’t feel like loving others at times. We may not particularly like someone (personal truth) but God says love one another (Biblical Truth) and so we have to do the work within on our attitudes and behaviors that cause us to dislike other people and begin to love (cause and effect-Universal Truth)

See TRUTH works together…and TRUTH will set us free!

Psa 33:4   For the word of the LORD [is] right; and all his works [are done] in truth.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. starleeta says:

    Well I went back through and you are right I did have a few places where I was not completing the thought and creating a clear picture for the reader..THANK YOU!!


  2. gualetar says:

    The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.


  3. starleeta says:

    Yes…personal truth can trip us up if not seen in its proper placing. :0)


  4. You point out a good point: truth will set us free! I like the personal truth you pointed out. I’m trying to make sure that I evaluate someone else’s point of view before I am quick to react….react in a way unpleasing to Christ.


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