Going deeper


“The relationship which I have found helpful is characterized by a sort of transparency on my part, in which my real feelings are evident; by an acceptance of this other person as a separate person with value in his own right; and by a deep empathic understanding which enables me to see his private world through his eyes.”

 Carl Rogers

How often do we let others see that deeper more vulnerable part of us?

Do we readily go deep sea diving in the emotions of another?

Do we open our hearts to someone in our lives who know more than just the surface?

I think that we most commonly do not….

for we fear to let others into our inner sanctuary called our soul and spirit.

We may open port holes and latticed windows…

but rarely do we set about to dismantle all our defenses by destroying all our walls.

We feel so safe behind our walls with our hidden thoughts all to ourselves

but behind our so-called safety net is a hole of loneliness just waiting to be filled

with God’s love that is often poured into us through someone just like you

Someone who is hurting …who is hidding underneath

Someone who is longing for permission to be just who she is…

Someone who if she had just one other person who would open up too

Both could fly free just like eagles and soar in heavens space…

1Jo 1:7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another

2 Comments Add yours

  1. starleeta says:

    Yes…at the conference it is what I saw – REALNESS and I loved it. It something I have a passion to encourage women to do…Be who you are, who God created you to be!!


  2. Lynn Cowell says:

    I hope that is what you saw this weekend…women who are transparent! I am so glad that you came to Women of Hope and were blessed!
    Please stop by my blog often and keep in touch!


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