What is Acclimate??


 Nothing is wonderful when you get used to it.  – Edgar Watson Howe

Acclimate : to adapt to a new temperature, altitude, climate, environment, or situation.

To acclimate yourself with something or someone means that you get use to them.

Getting use to things and people is our way of being more comfortable around these things or people.

The problem with this is that when you are uncomfortable you are like hyper-vigilant…you see it all…you hear it all..your paying attention….

but when you become acclimated you get comfortable….you arent as aware….you arent paying as close of attention…

When we first meet people we are taking it all in …

After a while we relax and their wonderfulness rubs off – the key then is to become acclimated and yet aware!!!

It is this getting use to…this acclimation…this comfortableness that causes laziness in our relationships.

It’s what happens when we start taking people for granted, we stop looking for the gems with in them because we think we KNOW, we get lazy and behave stupidly thinking that these people in our lives will just put up with us with no consequences….

I have a better idea …..let get acclimated but stay attracted to peoples wonderfulness, what makes them unique…

it could be their ability to feel deeply…to see clearly…to apologize first…to cheer you up…to calm you down…to love you anyways…to listen….

See the beauty and the wonderfulness of your friends and family today…

Tell them what you see…they will smile even if just on the inside :0)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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