Selfish Brick

Before I fell asleep the other night…….and each night lately …. I check my thoughts for just a moment. To see what is cluttering up my mind. What jibber-jabber is intent on stealing my sleep, if I don’t pay attention to whats happening and capture it before it runs wild into the wee hours of the morning, finding myself looking at the ceiling at 3:42 am.

Sometimes when I do this I hear things that strike me …perks my interest. I have a note pad and a pen for just those moment on the table next to my bed. Do you do that??….

Anyway…the other night I am laying there ……my mind rambling on….and then suddenly in my head it says:


Sometimes we think that other people are so selfish and cast them off without a thought. Thinking that there pathway of selfishness is so destructive that being near them would rub off. Yet in this context, within this saying that rose within my mind – if selfishness is a brick wall in the pathway….then it’s there for you to run into until your nose bleeds….until your forehead is scarred and your chin is scrubbed. It’s there until you take a look at yourself. You begin to see the blood, the scraps and the scars. You finally take a look at you. When this happens then you see the wall…YOUR SELFISHNESS. Suddenly you see what is causing all your problems. It’s not those other people out there that are so offended by you. It’s your words, your deeds, your me- me -me’s between everything you do and say and how you say it. Suddenly you realize the truth and you begin to FACE the Brick Wall within. Taking it down brick by brick until you are able to walk free along the pathway.

Consider that maybe when others reacted badly to you, that maybe it’s not them, its you. Be humble and look within and see what it is that you are doing to add to what is happening around you…and just to be fair…those who are offended…maybe your touchyness needs some repair??

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  1. Hey, I like your site.


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