Frustrated Interferance

In our desire for control, do we create long term problems by interfering?

-Ian Peatey – Quantum Learning

Often when I am flitting about and reading online I come across quotes or notes and I hear these words in my mind as I ponder what I am reading. It is these things that I hear that I then write in these blogs. Sometimes what I write doesn’t  completely capture what the quote has said…but I put it at the top anyway…because that is where my spark of thought came from….

Anyway on to my sparks……..

When I was a younger I needed to be in control of EVERYTHING. In some ways I still do.  This need to be in control  allowed me to interfere with anything and everything that surrounded me.

Learning to be content…………oh no I had to have it NOW.  – result FRUSTRATION

Learning to let it go………….oh no I could DO SOMETHING about it.  – result FRUSTRATION

Learning to enjoy my own company………….oh no I had to BE BUSY. – result FRUSTRATION

These and more always seem to result in FRUSTRATION, often causing long-term problems because I was interfering with my growth. I had to be in control. I thought I knew. I thought I had the answers, instead of listening to the lessons that these situations where bringing to me. God sets  up life just perfectly for lessons. We will grow quickly if we hear what is being said to us.

How many times do we have to be in DRAMA before we hear the lesson??

If you sit for a minute and think about what you have heard over and over from others that you do not like to hear – THERE IS a lesson in it.

What ever it is………………lazy…………………….harsh……………………angry………………..emotional………………selfish.


When we hear these things the walls go up and the defenses come out and the backlash flares. After that when we have calmed a bit and our emotions have relaxed, there is a quiet moment when we hear the truth within. We either hear it or we excuse ourselves and blame others. Thinking that they are mean and hurtful toward us may subside the feelings we have by vilifying them in our minds but ultimately the truth remains the same.

In everything that happens to us there is a lesson.

We can either learn it and grow or deny it and stay the same – unaltered by life – to which we will just go around the mountain and go through similar situations until we get it. – result FRUSTRATION.

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  1. Shawna Ready says:

    Wow Starla that is so deep and true. I completely agree. Sometimes we need to step back and think what others are telling us. I tend to get lazy or major anxiety about change and it freaks me out making it hard for me to do what I need to do. Control is a big thing we want control so we wont be scared or out of control. Life dosnt always work that way. We have to learn to let go and go with the flow sometimes.


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