Mission Bombs

Todays post on www.quotesnack.com:

I remember my radiologist saying to me, “Your mission now is to ask yourself every day, ‘Am I doing what I want to be doing?’” And I do ask myself that, every day. I try to make the answer yes, even if it requires saying the word no and disappointing someone.

My experience was about letting go. It was about really experiencing all that was happening at the deepest emotional level, for that is where the big changes occur. That is where you meet yourself. Where you begin remembering who you are and who you were meant to be. I don’t believe you have to be diagnosed to come to these lessons, but sometimes the catastrophic moments in life force you to focus in on the immediate.

By Sheryl Crow from her preface to Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips (2007)

I really liked todays post on Quotesnack.com….ARE WE DOING WHAT WE REALLY WANT TO BE DOING??

How often do we step side our Passion and Drive in life?? Do we allow distraction to keep us from starting or  finishing what we love….writing, drawing, creating, encouraging …what ever it is ……

Do we allow others to direct us without giving thought to what we are doing….losing ourselves!!

Not that we are encouraged to be selfish and to step on others to do what we love…because doing our passion often brings others on their journey of passion across our path – to which we uphold eachother…strengthen eachother…

In this post from Quotesnack.com it says “sometimes the catastrophic moments in life force you to focus in…”

We can hear that call from deep within to walk this way….or that. To live your dream …don’t hold back. We often let things stay clouded with reasonings and excuses as to why we cant do what we love. Change your thinking…change your course …don’t wait for LIFE to press you into who you are by creating situations in your life that contain  mission bombs of hardship and trial for you to RELEASE YOURSELF into who God created you to be. No one else is stopping you….let go!

But we also must not forget that sometimes those Mission Bombs are what mold who we are and make us into what we are to become……blessings in the making……..it is what it is………accept it…….learn what it came to teach you and walk on!!

I try to make the most of my daily experiences in this life…often over analyzing and losing the lesson. For me often the lesson it is to accept it. Accept that this is what it is……..and to let it be just that. I love to help others see another view and yet I find that sometimes I refuse to have my own glasses adjusted. We all learn in our own unique way. Life is set up to teach us one way or another. Often the best lessons are the ones where no one tried to teach me anything…but I learned much from listening to them speak, walk, and live.

Great Post QUOTESNACK!!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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