“authenticity” still remains the word most likely to stir a debate. – Mark Z. Danielewski –

AUTHENTICITY: not false or imitation….

I read this quote and immediately I thought of how people say “I love authentic people….or I dont think she/he is very authentic.

Well…… people are as authentic as they can be……..FOR OUT OF THE HEART THE MOUTH SPEAKS!

Some say: I want to live authentically….what they mean is they want to  LIVE  TRUE TO WHO THEY ARE WITHOUT FEAR OF WHAT OTHERS THINK!!

No matter what we do ..we are who we are…we act how we act…and we are as real as we can be according to what we think about ourselves. I found myself in the ” I want to be authentic” catagory when I became aware of how often I automatically answered question based out of fear of what others thought of me. This authenticity need  comes to us when our eyes are opened to who we truely are. When we realize that we have lived life selfishly. When we have walked about in life aimlessly missing opportunities to step on the path that was created for us.  When life has moved us into position to go through some things that could only bring about a need for truth and honesty. It is then that we begin to live from within….and true authenticity….Christ our LIFE begins to shine through us.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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