I am sooooooooo lazy. Today I took my daughter to school. I dropped her off and half way home I saw that she had forgotten her language paper in the car. So, I turned around to take it to her. As I am getting out of the car to take the paper in I realize all the things I didnt do for myself ….my hair was a frizz ball mess….i didnt put all the proper undergarments on….I wasnt wearing socks and my teeth were not brushed…I got disgusted with myself in that moment. Better luck next time…IF I DO IT!!! I AM LAZY!

Update: As of January 2010 of one of my resolutions was to care about my appearance. I have since joined who teaches you through baby steps to begin to care about yourself and your home. For a month now I am Flying. I get dressed to shoes everyday and I apply make up and do my hair. I care about me again..THANK YOU FLYLADY!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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