I’m outta here

Went to a Wedding for my Friend…it was a wonderful ceramony. The reception was nice and I danced alot. Then It was off to the after party …and many were well into it as we were heading there. I am glad that I am not a person that is given to like intoxication. The silly games that come about. The loss of control. The decisions hindered. My need to retreat is great with in the midst of drinkers. I was at the after party in a parklot for 15 minutes —I am the one who often hears the stories of what happened because I was not there to be involved. I leave before the conflict and stupidity begins. I just dont get what is so fun about it all. I can do tipsy. I can do buzzed—but straight up trashed is just not my style…all others ENJOY!!! NOT ME! Not hatin’..just expressin’….I dont care what other people do…but I do care what I do and I will do what I am..NOT A DRINKER! I heard the bride enjoyed her night…and I am glad. As for me…I was cozy and sleeping in bed when the craziness was going on. Right where I like to be safe and sound.

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  1. I agree, buzzed is fun…but when it gets to the point of being trashed, that’s when trouble starts, and it doesn’t matter how well some people “think” they can handle their booze, they end up mouthin’ or starting some drama and then people get hurt, either physically or emotionally…seems like heavy drinking and regret go hand in hand!


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