An odd feeling

I walked into my house…someone asked me a question…i was overwhelmed with three distinct emotions. Guilt, Irritation, and Disappointment. At first I just left the room and began to ponder what I thought about how I felt. I recieved these dagger eyes also. Guilt…This was the kind that is impressed upon you for not doing what another wants. Irritated….I was not irritated but I could feel irritation toward me. Disappoinment….this is what you feel from another when you didnt do what they expected. So, back to sitting there to think about what I was feeling….I WASNT FEELING AT ALL… I was recieving these feeling toward me and was picking up on them. I got a revelation. For years I have been taking this type of situation all wrong…Picking up on these feelings from another and interpreting them as mine. I was not guilty, I was not irritated, I was not disappointed. This was certainly a learning experience.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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