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A bit of me

I am a quiet person..tend to think that I like to be loud. I really like to write and share my feeling because I can pour out in words the feelings I have in pictures …I dont really like to explain what they mean..they just are. Its really hard to articulate my deep emotions into concrete reality, but pictures…pictures paint a view and I love the colors that words can create. I dont like to argue and fight…I would rather compromise with you. I would rather we both have what we want and let that be ok. I like to let others be entitled to their feelings. If it doesnt work for them…they can change it if they like. Just please show me the same courtesy. I dont really like to be put on the spot…but I like to think I like the lime light. I like a clean house … just enough as to still be able to live in it. I want to give and receive respect. Respect for me has alot to do with being able to HAVE my own thoughts. I tend to dive into the dark emotions and hang on the hinge of desperations…for when the light comes on, it is so bright and beautiful, I feel AT ONE in that moment. I like to see the best in others, even if I see the worst …I will fight for a better picture, if I can. I change my mind about what I think and feel often as new information arrives on my screen. I like to be flexible, changeable, and not stuck to one set of thinking because I feel I need to….but I do have some closely held values that I refuse to change and those are blocks to my foundations that remain. I have a very small circle of people I call my friends…I like to think that I like everyone!!

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