My thoughts

The team of maveric horses mind

This is totally mortifying to admit. I am lazy. It seems that if it is not fun or available to do with someone else, I don’t want to do it. I also find that I have a lot of things that I complain about. Things that I want done and yet I somehow think whining at my husband will get him to do it. For years that man just looks at me like – HELP THYSELF WOMAN!” So, I started doing just that – doing things for myself. Might sound silly but I put air in my own tire and I didn’t complain about it in my head. If you ever heard the junk that plays in my head, you would understand why it not being present was such a big deal to me. I continued to put air in the wheel barrel to move some wood pieces. Later I was working on cleaning up the porch and the words came flooding in…”Its so hard…its hot outside….why do I have to do this by myself?” Guess what I did – I SAT DOWN. I sat there and had a moment, I caught myself…I became aware of what happens in my mind and how I just listen to it..NO WONDER I AM LAZY. So today I will finish what I started yesterday. I will pay attention to that team of horses racing in my mind and reign them in and bring them under control. I wonder what other areas these horses run me like this. We shall see.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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