The In-Between

Living in the in-between is a strange place to be. You feel that dissatisfaction with what your life is …and yet you are thankful for where you are. This place feels a bit on the boring side. The answers to most of your questions seem to end in “I dont know.” You just know you want something different. Something More than right here. As a woman I ended up here because I gave my true voice no time. I repressed my feelings and hid my anger and when I did voice it – it came out distorted and so emotional that no one really heard me. I am learning to use my voice more often. Gaining control over the path of use that I give it. I ask alot of questions these days both of myself and others. I want to regain my sense of self. The me I am inside that I hid. I was asked the question yesterday ” What do you see when you see you?” I was taken a back. I was stumped. So i wrote that question down. Later I returned to it. I sat quietly with myself and asked that question. My answer suprised me. I am imaginative. I am a seeker. I am dependable. I am loving and kind. I am interesting. I am mysterious. I am a deep feeler. I am serious. I am silly. I am hard to understand. I am creative. I am compassionate. I am fun. I am helpful. I am a thought provoker. I am expressive. I am sensitive. I am smart.

I am moving in a new direction in my soul and spirit. The process is slow and steady. I am learning just to enjoy the ride. Life is good. Smile…….its all good.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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