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Being YOUrself

In learning to be me. I am learning that there are alot of us like this. Wrapped up in tight little buds. Afraid to become that flower that we are. So what, If I dont like all the things that you do? We can all still get along. I like to sing and dance. I love to smile and laugh at stupid things and just for no reason..and sometimes on command just to release some stress. I like to read and write and share my thoughts. What I dont like is when you get around other people who make you feel like it is not ok to BE you and like what you like. I will have to pay attention to if I do that very same thing to others. If I do…then shame on me. The only reason I have the right to not like what someone is doing or saying is if it is wrong and hurtful to me and to others. If I like purple and I want to paint the whole house purple, then who are you to say to me — I think you should paint it blue! Dont be fooled…it is ok to say I want MY house Red. But no freaking more of this “YOU SHOULD” business. Simply by saying “you should” – you are saying I dont know what I am thinking or saying or feeling and have no clue how to do things for myself or according to some RIGHT that you have. I like me just the way I am. I am finding new things about me that I have had hidden away and that I hide from others simply because I have heard way to many “SHOULD’s. Maybe in this instance YOU SHOULD SHUT UP and simply state what you like not what you want others to do for themselves. YOU BE YOU AND I WILL BE ME…and we will like eachother just fine.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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