So it is what it is

You ever just wake up in your life and decide you would just let your life be what it is? Not try to see the good. Not make it more than it is. Just let it be what it is. Today i woke up in silence. One of those days where you really could careless if anyone called. Today I didn’t care. I wanted to just be. Not try to make people comfy. Not try and maneuver around any ones crap. I will just let today BE. …and so can everyone else. Recently i woke up to this realization that i am constantly telling myself what to think and feel and see in other people …and myself for that matter. The constant chatter of how i should be goes on in my  mind like a freaking Ferris wheel and i can tell you that i am tired of it. What if for once i don’t give you the courtesy of telling myself stories of how you must have had a bad day. That you just need someone with understanding to come along. That you need love or some other foo foo junk to keep me from telling you what jerk you are being, or how selfish you are. I am so ready for the real. I don’t plan on going out there and being one of these people who think it is their right to spit all over you cause they think they are speaking the truth. What i am planning on doing is loving myself to be honest with me and with you. If you are treating others like they are garbage –i am not telling myself how no one understands you. No i think i will just say treating others people like garbage isn’t how you get what you want. Maybe i can begin to see more clearly if i choose to not look at an assumption of guilt playing tricks on me and instead just see the truth.

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