Let em BE

I do my best to just rest in the ONE who has bought and paid for me..I speak encouragement to myself about all that HE has done for me and I simply let myself walk in it. I love people and all the differences. I have been on the end of BEING A PUSHER to get my point accross…I like this side better it is peaceful and bares better tasting fruits. I dont look at others to fault them for being where they are…They have there own road to walk and I choose to toss them encouragement and love trusting that the seeds I plant in their hearts are in the hand of the Father of us all. I know He will grow  them in HIS TIME. We all need someone around who will love us where we are and let us be who we are in that stage that we are…WE LEARN MUCH THAT WAY…For no one can tell us ….HE leads us there on our own and then when HE reveals TRUTH and Transformation begins…we let go of the old and allow the new to born.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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