Should Be

For a long time i lived in a world that was guided by telling myself how things SHOULD BE. This produces so much unrest. I fought and wrestled with myself about everything. No rest for my soul. I was constantly seeking after what i should be doing, where i should be going, how i should be acting. NO PEACE. I still wrangle with this thinking, BUT i have a weapon. The power of changing your thinking. When i perceive that my thoughts are running all about what i should be doing, I STOP. I simple allow myself to just BE. Instead of trying to do that SHOULD BE thing. In that thinking I’m never good enough. I reject myself in all that i am doing, or thinking. So i choose to just to be. Be who i am and do what i am doing until i feel like doing something else. It’s easy instead of struggle. I’m not condoning the DO WHAT EVER FEELS GOOD thing so that your lazy and irresponsible. I am saying relaxed don’t push yourself so hard….at a deeper look most of those thoughts are what others want you to do. Like your mom– when growing up was constantly on you to do this and that. So unconciously you are your mother in your head as the taskmaster. Find your own way. Live you own life. Do things you love. Not things you think you have to do or so and so will think you are_______!……….JUST BE! Its ok.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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