PhotoQuote #99

I love this girly’s heart for Jesus…. He calls to her and she follows. Linking with:

PhotoQuote #98

This little splash of beauty came to me from the hands of my four year old…. When we see beauty it is because God has made it so it would shine a glimmer a remnant of His magnificence. May we all ways inquire within our hearts , may we seek to know about HIS GREATNESS…

PhotoQuote #96

  My Son set this up and I just had to take a picture… This is what hero’s look like to him … ARMY GUYS & FIREMEN!! Linking with:

PhotoQuote #95

When the breeze of the Holy Spirit has blown the cloud of Sin away. Remember to keep your face in worship…do not stare at the SON …Close you eyes in AWE and REVERENCE and become so transparent that HE SHINES RIGHT THROUGH YOU!! STARLA Linking with:

Friday Facts

March 2, 2012 1. Something Good: Picked up daughter a 8th graduation Dress (source)   2.  Something I want : OR ….if not this tablet Still not sure?? …lol   3. A SONG …If you like ROCK this ROCKS!!!   4.  A Quote: It’s not the sinfulness that you’d think: It’s the thanklessness — that…