Monday Goodies – lists, links, likes and La La La

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1.  OH yes beautiful song from the new album called HOME by Skylar Smith and Kim Walker-Smith:

2.  oh would this solve the pimple problem that pops up in that area from thinking so much:

make me laugh

3. Quote because I love them:


4. My thanks …because all is grace:

*his love of gardening


* the smell of garden carrots

* the taste of homemade pot pie made with those carrots

* the joy on his face

* dear daughter making the top choir in school in sophomore year (front and center)


* teens counting gifts, graces, joys and thanks on youth group facebook page

* the feel good feeling that rises when I think about teen youth group

* dear sons smile


* music that fills me with knowing that GOD loves me!

5. Such Beauty :

by the the light of a new day by manyfires on Flickr.

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