Being Wonderstruck

I had heard of this book and I found out that our women’s group at church was going to do this study for the summer. I don’t know about you but when I heard this title WONDERSTRUCK it just jumpstarted my anticipation. It just sounds so exciting. Our group is going through the workbook and the videos. I must tell you …I really got to wondering what God would do?? We were told as a group to write down 3 things a day (how can you just write three??)  that made us wonderstruck. When I think of wonder it gives me the mental picture of a big neon sign that says WOW! ( It is one of the 5 things I have learned about God’s grace -2 Inches of Grace –  that I shared with our teen youth group SMAC – Something More At Church)

Me being a blog*ur*nal*er – that is one who blogs and journals – I like to make what I want captured more visually exciting, so that I can remember it better. So I started drawing my moments of wonderstruck.

Day 1 -Awake to wonder

20130616_071919 (2)

I wasn’t sure how God would show his wonder so I just started looking for things that moved me. I saw a old man and his old dog walking together and I was moved to think of that importance of companionship. I was writing when a song came on and I found my self dancing in my chair instead of writing. The writing moved me to a deeper understanding of God’s unfailing mercy!! I caught myself craning my neck to see a tree when I was driving. I came home to a Calla Lily from a friend as a gift of thanks.


Day 2 – Expect the unexpected


3 baby raccoons caught my eye and I wondered at their playful scamper across the yard. I took a road trip to see my sister and I was so excited. We found a new app called VINE -you can make little 40 seconds video’s – these created laughter upon laughter for us. Then 4 pigs escaped and I found myself running around the yard chasing them, trying to corral I certainly did not expect to be chasing pigs. And then after we tired out this is where they were found…The second set or chasers got the pigs back in the pin.


Day 3 – Wonderstruck by a glimpse of God


A reminder on a coffee cup that our story doesn’t have to stay the same that God can CHANGE MY STORY and I was aware that in the deep of me that is just what He was doing. My sister picked fresh lush spinach ( I see I didn’t spell that right. Be right back) from her garden, goodness from the earth. The fresh clean smell of cilantro opens your senses. The taste of beautiful ripe strawberries so good. Thankfulness for taste buds to enjoy the goodness. Walking in the morning really felt good. My son got a lesson on driving the mower with his aunt. He loved it – the joy on his face was wonderful.


The next day I had been by this time at my sisters 2 days and I started to wonder if I could see more wonder! Being in the same place…

Day 4 – Wonderstruck by the praiseworthy deeds of God


But when you look up and get captivated by a deer – you sit in silence and are in awe of beauty. Watching a little cardinal forage around, they have such vibrant coloring. I glanced in my rearview mirror and caught that sun light through the trees the air swirling with dust…I had to look a few times. So pretty. Then we got the opportunity to work at a church helping set up tables and load them with clothing donations for a huge garage sale for a family with a young boy who has cancer. I was in awe at the amount of people helping and the donations amounts that were piling in the door. It was amazing!! The way God can rally and raise help for people in need is wonderful. My sister made the most yummiest strawberry cake to celebrate my Mother’s birthday!

20130614_122711 (2)

Day 5 – Apprehended by divine amazement

By this day the challenge is to gather a greater sense of God’s faithfulness and to believe more that HE IS FAITHFUL!


First I am awaked by THUNDER and I am reminded my windows are down, so I run out in my jammies and rubber flip flops and roll up my windows. I was very thankful for the GRACE. My Mom Made apple waffles – I love her cooking!! so good! I was heading HOME this day. I had a feeling in my gut that I should drive to fast …..and well I got behind a slow car and speed up to go around them and my turpentine belt shredded. At first I thought that I hit some dirt in the road that made that noise, and I didn’t see anything fly out behind me so I thought we were good. after a minute of two it started to get hot in the car. The air conditioner stopped working and It was a very HOT day!! after another minute the car jerked and sputtered and the battery died …and I couldn’t roll the windows down without power. By the Mercy of God this happened just outside a little town and we coasted into town to the Casey’s general store. A man came over while I was on the phone with my husband and asked if we needed help. I told him I thought my belt broke. He looked and said YUP!

20130615_151246 (2)

He called for another gentleman to come over. While they were talking, a little Asian lady who liked to spit, came out of her home next door to the Casey’s’ and called to us “ you come, sit here, under shade tree, too hot out here!” She called to the men by name and told us they would help us. She told us it was a good thing this happened now ( it was about 330 pm ) because at 530 pm everyone would be gone to the truck races. God’s timing is always perfect.  The man said that he would send for the guy who works on his cars. They came and were so nice. Again that lady called to them by name. I said “wow you know everyone here?” She said “Yeah, I live here 33 years.” I was thankful for the comforting feeling it gave me of her calling them by name. The nice men of B & D Service Center in Madison, MO were so nice. They got us back on the road in little over an hour. They sent us over to the local restaurant to grab a bite and cool off in the air conditioning. GOD IS FAITHFUL!!! I was so thankful!! We got HOME with no trouble at all. We even had a beautiful sunset to enjoy the last leg of the journey home.

20130615_200454 (2)

I have had a week of being wonderstruck, I suggest you give it a try! Trust me, God will surprise you!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Brandee says:

    What a cheerful post. So good to write (and/or draw) these things out so we don’t forget how He blesses us, and–seems to me–the more we look for the good, the more we see it. Don’t you think?


  2. oh i love how you captured the wonder of God’s love throughout the week… love to you. e.


  3. Linda Stoll says:

    don’t you just love when a song comes on, sneaks in, refocuses, and lifts us up, up, up …


  4. rachel lee says:

    beautiful and wonderful. ❤


  5. Debbie Burgess says:

    Excellent capture of the wonder revealed this week.


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