Friday Frags…

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Gonna try Fragging in Mrs. 4444 style over here Rolling on the floor laughing

1 Cleaned out my Little Misters drawers. Clothes will be off to Goodwill. He had a wide 3 drawer Rubbermaid tub thing for his clothes but he is out growing that.

2 So I moved the Chest of 4 drawers from my bathroom to his room and put the wide 3 drawer Rubbermaid thing in my bathroom.

3 My daughter and I moved his old bed out and got his new big boy bed in place. His room is coming along.

4 He is a toy-aholic and so I bought a narrow 3 drawer Rubbermaid thing for all his toys that had been avalanching in his room. He is loving the organization. ( or is that me??) no really its him! He actually likes a clean room. THAT’S A BLESSING!! Winking smile

hmmmm I guess I went a little organize-happy!! LOL

5 Daughter went on a class trip. I will be glad when she gets home so I can stop distracting myself from all the crazy mind thoughts about bus accidents and mall shootings… eeeeeeeeeek! Disappointed smile

That’s it for me….


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