How to make a “Grab My Button” for using Picasa



1.   I used Piscasa  by Google to make my photo ( click the link to get’s FREE and it’s GREAT!! When it is loaded it will have all photos from your computer ready to use.

2. When in Picasa pick a photo (perhaps crop a bit from your Header) you want to use ….put the name of your blog in whatever font you want on the photo and also add the http:// address for your blog to the photo.  Save the Photo or save a copy.

3. Next go to the pic and underneath the photo there will be a button that says EXPORT. Click it and a box will open. In this box you can change the size of the pic before exporting it. You can manually choose  add to this box 160 for the pixel size- this is an ideal size for a button. Also in this box you can add a water mark with your name or nickname or whatever you want. Then click Export. Piscasa will create a new folder for this Photo.

4. Find the exported photo and UPLOAD it to host this picture on Picasa Online.

5. ok now you are ready for the code –  for your button –

6.  Time to add your button to your blog. Log in to your blog. Go to your dashboard and click on appearance and then click widgets. Add an HTML TEXT box to your side bar or where ever you want your button. Add the code there. Put in the title : GRAB MY BUTTON –and SAVE.


I hope this helps someone!! Happy Button Making …let me know if this helped you!!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    Oh good I am so glad this came in handy to help someone best wishes to you!!


  2. billiescraftroom says:


    Thanks so much for this information. I’ve made my button, and in the process of getting it online and onto my blog.

    At last a tutorial not biased towards blogger!

    Best wishes

    Billie 🙂


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