At arm’s length

Some think that to hold yourself away

Is a guard that you need to stay

Not understanding that when you keep others at arm’s length

Your heart begins to wither and fade

Opening up your core issues

Revealing your inner most ways

Scares the life out of you

But to do so opens you up to love in a most meaningful display

For others see who you really are

They hear your truth

And can touch your soul

Connections are made

And laughter grows

When we don’t hold others at bay

By: Starla Smith

Find someone in your life that you can be you with

and reveal yourself all the more. ;0)

Go deeper than just the surface!!!

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  1. Ok Bolon says:

    Stumbled into this site by chance but I’m sure glad I clicked on that link. You definitely answered all the questions I’ve been dying to answer for some time now. Will definitely come back for more of this. Thank you so much


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