Checked out

Opening to the moment

Requires a concentration on the Now

Asks of me to be so present

To shut the past and future out

My mind it tends to wander

I enjoy the feel of getting lost

You never know what you may find

So lets just look and see what its about

Then this flash jars me to the core

It snaps me back into the present

I see that I am here

But I had checked out again

I didnt hear you call to me

I lost your words behind the walls

You think I am never listening

That why I seek to stay here now

I want to be fully available to you

Hear your spirit behind your words

Listen for what I know is hoping

That I can reach inside of you and touch the spot thats hurt

I know that you are able

To get there on your own

But everyone wants a companion

On this journey walk to home.

By: Starla Smith

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