How can you NOT dance??

This question is posed to me…and I ponder and I think…YES how can I NOT!!…This world seems to get you in a place where it beats you down with the media…through fear. It presses against your mind and heart causing stress and worry in your mind. You try to fight the heart pounding ..the palpitations as they begin to rise and yet it seems so fleeting to find that place of peace…where it is Quiet!!! BUT LIFE has given us the gift of breath…we are not to live in fear…we are to live in Faith and trust that our days are given to us for better or for worse for us to make what we will of them.. we can choose to sit out and hide in our homes in our own little worlds…or we can DANCE…go out and make a difference…smile at someone…say hello for no other reason than that we can…I WILL CHOOSE TO DANCE!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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