Turtle Salvation

A photo blog post with a little words… The Tree man brought home a turtle. He was crossing the highway and the tree man didn’t want him hurt or worse. We had this painted turtle for a couple days and then me and the boy took him to Robbins Lake to let him go The... Continue Reading →

Does it bite?

This is a Photo Blog series with some words… My Husband -The Tree Man- brought home a little slithering bull snake for the kids to see. He tells them about how the skin breaths I am thinking this is good science right in the yard And how it uses its tongue to taste the air... Continue Reading →


Starting a new series as the post come… A Photo Blog with a few words… Husband ( The Tree Man) brought a weird bug..he does that here and there for show and tell with the kids and of course to freak me out that such things exists in my “ I HATE BUGS !!” world.... Continue Reading →

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