Heart Lyrics #12

Come join the song, lift your voiceAs Heaven and Earth give praiseFall to your knees at the feetOf the Son of the One true GodTurn from old ways, lift your eyesFor the kingdom of God is hereOpen your heart, offer allFor Jesus Christ is here, oh nowWe will find our homeWe will find our peaceWe... Continue Reading →

Friday Facts

03/23/2012 1.  Something Funny: HAHAHAHA LOL!! My husband said ‘ its like there is something on the cat and he is just looking for who did it!!!! hahahah lol 2. A song: 3.  Before and After: Last Saturday I was going to be shooting a  promo video with a friend for her Documentary called Separation... Continue Reading →

Friday Facts!!

02/25/2011 It's Friday Facts ...woot!! 1.  Potty training a  "determined to be independent and do it myself child" makes for lots of wiping up of floor and toilet and wall. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! :0/ 2. My church has officially changed its name. YEAH sooooooooo exciting!! We are now called:   3.  A poem A crystal in the... Continue Reading →

PhotoQuote # 44

(This is a photo of a cross I made with my finger in the snow on my front porch.) I was looking out my door this morning and marvelling at all the snow that heaven dumped on us last night and I had a thought.. THIS IS HOW CHRIST COVERED OUR SINS..........COMPLETELY ---WHITE AS SNOW.... Continue Reading →

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