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Remember to get good rest amongst all the running and routine changes this summer.   Starla Linking with:

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This is my kitty! He is a handful, always has been. When he was a younger cat he use to chase Sarah down when she was 3 and knock her over, he use to stalk me anywhere I was in the house. For a long time I thought I was nuts for keeping this cat….

Friday Facts

03/23/2012 1.  Something Funny: HAHAHAHA LOL!! My husband said ‘ its like there is something on the cat and he is just looking for who did it!!!! hahahah lol 2. A song: 3.  Before and After: Last Saturday I was going to be shooting a  promo video with a friend for her Documentary called Separation…

Friday Facts

01/20/2012 1.  Something on my heart: Ok so I was at my BFF’s house ( she is also my sister in law) and one of her dogs got hurt. I was there and helps to bandage him up. He was so brave. His name is Tedo. He was so sad and scared too.  He was…