Turtle Salvation

A photo blog post with a little words… The Tree man brought home a turtle. He was crossing the highway and the tree man didn’t want him hurt or worse. We had this painted turtle for a couple days and then me and the boy took him to Robbins Lake to let him go The... Continue Reading →

Little Creatures

The Tree Man pointed out some interesting bugs! The First Bug …. They eat the leaves of trees or bushes. The white stuff is their protection ….makes them look like just floating fuzz. Nothing real tasty about fuzz…lol The Second Bug …. The mantis protect themselves by camouflage like you see here…. He is eating... Continue Reading →

Does it bite?

This is a Photo Blog series with some words… My Husband -The Tree Man- brought home a little slithering bull snake for the kids to see. He tells them about how the skin breaths I am thinking this is good science right in the yard And how it uses its tongue to taste the air... Continue Reading →


Starting a new series as the post come… A Photo Blog with a few words… Husband ( The Tree Man) brought a weird bug..he does that here and there for show and tell with the kids and of course to freak me out that such things exists in my “ I HATE BUGS !!” world.... Continue Reading →

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