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So what is Sunday2Monday?

In November of 2017 I was at the Foursquare Heartland District Conference with the staff of Springs of Life in Indiana. The theme of this conference was BEHOLD. The whole conference over and over again was reinforced with the image of Jesus our Shepherd. They encouraged us to really follow The Shepherd of our souls. That’s when it happened. Right there in the middle of worship, I got this vision of pools of water purposefully created for the sheep to drink deep so that the sheep, who were also like trees in this vision, could develop deep roots in Christ. Watering Hole is a simple space for those who hear the call of the Shepherd’s voice to “Come and get a drink.”

In this vision, I had also sensed that the Lord wanted me to take what my Pastor was saying to our church and say it again. That is how this blog got the name Sunday2Monday. Each week I will retranslate what I hear through my ears and spirit, what is said on Sunday, on Monday.  I want to keep the truth nuggets that the Lord is giving our church. I want to grow deeper this year. So, I also post a midweek virtual stop, to breath deep and take a longer drink of what was said. I believe that as we unpack truth we renew the mind and everything begins to shift.  I want to stop letting the lessons and the treasure of the Word, pass me by. I am getting intentional and I invite whoever wants to join me on this journey.

JOIN THE COMMUNITY: If you would like to join the community of Sunday2Monday, sign up here. Leave a comment on the post that you read and decided you wanted to join and grab the button on the sidebar, pop that HTML text into your own post and write about what your pastor is talking about on Sundays, on Monday.

Thanks for listening and  joining!


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