Restore Lent: Day 27 – He is a Promise Keeper


Restore Lent: Day 27 – He is a Promise Keeper

The last two weeks at HYC youth group has been pretty amazing. We have been laying down foundations of faith. Last week Pastor Lynn guest spoke about the Spirit-Filled Life. He talked to the teens about the importance of the Holy Spirit to be able to do what Jesus said we would do. This week Jen spoke about the Love of God. She felt very strongly that the Holy Spirit wanted us to open up a time of prayer for students to come to God, return to God, deal with some heart issues. So that is exactly what we did. It was an awesome time of prayer, nearly every teen sought out prayer. That is the power of the Holy Spirit.

Luke 24:49 And behold, I am sending the promise of my Father upon you. But stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.”

One of the greatest ways that Jesus has blessed us is giving us the promise of the Holy Spirit. Often this seemingly silent partner in our relationship with God is underappreciated. This promise was so important that Jesus told the disciples to wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit before they went anywhere. I wonder if we were to regard the Holy Spirit as so important if it would change the way we do life. He is with us everywhere we go and yet when we are hurt, upset, or angry with life instead of turning to the One who is with us we call someone, text, scroll of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest rather than connecting with the Holy Spirit who is the One who can help us. Jesus died to change how life was done. He did not leave us alone. He is a promise keeper! The Holy Spirit is the power source to live this new life that Jesus gave us. –Tweet That!


The Holy Spirit is the power source to live this new life that Jesus gave us.
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PRAYER: Jesus, help me not to neglect the gift that You died to give me. Holy Spirit, forgive me for ignoring You. I want to lean into the comfort, correction, and direction you give. Teach me a new way!

Have you been living life without acknowledging the gift Jesus gave you? Do you need to remember how hard life was without the Holy Spirit in your life? His power is available to you to make wise choices, to do well, to affect circumstances and to bring joy into your life again.

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