A Smooth Mountain

My sister and I had a conversation on the MSN Chat this morning…

A while back I sent her a YouTube video Amazing Grace History on the Black Notes. (


I had asked her if — did you see that BLACK NOTES THING

you never said you did

She said:

oh yes!

I watched it on my big screen!

and I think it changed me

“you cant climb a mountain if its smooth”

I have told everyone I know that line

and have told them just to think about that!!

I really believe that because of hearing that I have been able to not focus on the negative

that life is a huge mountain

and I am climbing

all the time.

She talked about how you want to help other people and sometimes you just can’t, not because you dont want to, but because circumstances and choices and because its their mountain!!

She went on to say: can you imagine how hard it would be to climb a smooth mountain?

you would slide back down

every time

just picture it

I have this image

and its very scary

of a smooth mountain

I can see it

do you see it?

everyone is screaming

cause they are sliding down this huge mountain

Now look at the faces on the rocky mountain

they are all helping each other

and giving thanks!!

and they are working hard

and they make it closer to the top

and they start to smile

can you see all this?

its really made an impact in my mind.

it almost makes me cry when I see the two mountains

its like I can see them side by side

and I have to make the decision which mountain I want to conquer

Can you conquer a smooth mountain?

I don’t even know if that is possible? `

my heart races when I think about this so deeply

but it has been weighing heavily on me since I watched that video

funny that the quote is all I really got out of it –not the song

not the black notes

but him saying that an old black southern woman once said to him:

“you cannot climb a mountain if it is smooth”

-Joy Olson (my sister)


Thanks for Listening


4 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    Thanks for checking it out Shelly!!


  2. Shelly says:

    Good food for thought! I love that! Thanks so much for sharing…..xoxo


  3. sohbet says:

    thank you


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