Thursday (Book I'm Reading) THOUGHTS
(disclaimer…I don’t always write according to the context sometimes I write what come up out of me from reading the context…so if you want the book get it for the excerpts not what I write. The book takes you on a personal journey I am sharing my thoughts on that journey)
Days of Deepening Friendship by Vinita Hampton Wright
Her site and to buy this book :
Chapter 12: How can Jesus help your God-Awareness?


In this chapter Vinita begins by telling a story about a friend she wanted to share God with…but this friend had a perception of FATHER as someone who leaves and doesn’t come back. Through the person of Jesus this friend came to know God the Father….Humanity got a whole new view of who God is through Jesus!!
Jesus taught us that God wants friendship with us.
Excerpt: Jesus reminds us that a loving father wont give his children a stone when they ask for bread. No matter what crazy direction we try to run with our ideas about God, Jesus is ahead of us, sitting there in the sunshine cooking us breakfast.
This statement must be referring to when the disciples where at sea catching fish but when they finally came in from the long night Jesus was cooking breakfast….letting them know that God cares about the needs of His friends and that He is willing to serve us breakfast.  :0) I like my eggs scrambled, I will meet you in the morning Lord …LOL ( scrambled…what kind of spiritual metaphor is that for me…no wonder I feel like things are riddles and mysteries, words scrambled like a word game for me to figure it out) – just sayin’
There are so many different ways that we think of God and some are scarier than others for us….
for example: perhaps you had a father that was abusive and unkind and to think of God as Father is somewhere within your soul a little difficult to relate too. It may be hard to think that you are not in soooooo much trouble that FATHER isn’t going to kill you ( like you may have thought about your earthly father.) God is so loving we just can not fathom it fully.  
We come to relationships relating to God like we would the other relationships we have had. Fears of Hurt, Rejection, Shame and so much more carry over. I think that when we have experienced those things we have what I call –Early Warning Alert System. If it looks or feels or sounds anything like what we have experienced, all those old memories come up to haunt us causing RED FLAGS to fly all over the place.
The KEY to remember is that GOD came to earth in the flesh = JESUS. What we see of Him, hear about Him, read about Him….IS GOD in the FLESH…the real deal…THE TRUE VIEW
Jesus LOVED with an uncommon love. It was unconditional. It wasn’t based on what He could get from people ….HE GAVE!!   We are HIS FRIENDS!!
get ready to change gears.   :0)
Chapter 13: How do you live in the space you’re given?
Vinita starts this chapter with a story about her getting to work part-time from home and being able to work on her own writing. How it seemed like such a good idea because the commute was cut out of the picture. She set up a space for her work –one big plywood desk on cylinder blocks with the desk being broken up into stations for : Editing, household business, freelance projects and creative stuff for herself….within a month she was miserable.
How does your space affect you??? That is the question.
She ended up making a space for each thing and was much happier……women are like that aren’t we??? lol It is hard to get into the writing mood in a place you don’t feel inspired. It is hard to work in a boring cubicle that is why people put pictures up and words of encouragement. We know on some level within us that what the space FEELS like matters !!!
Excerpt: God gave specific instructions to Moses about how to construct the tabernacle, where God would dwell with the people…And the temple built by Solomon was famous for its majesty and beauty and the richness of its materials. These structures where very important, not only because of their religious significance, but because people need places that are intended just for them and for specific purposes.
This is soooooooo true. We want the dining room to be welcoming for entertainment of guest. The living room to accommodate the members of the house. I use to have a beautiful room that was MINE. It was my office, library, hide away, oasis from the world. When we decided to have another child we turned that into a beautiful bedroom. I loved the color …I could just sit in that room truly rest and be happy. The 2008 flood came and I am remaking all the rooms in my house. The one I can say I love and care for the most is my kitchen….I don’t sit in it very often -I stand……but IT MUST BE CLEAN because I honor it and I am so very thankful to have a kitchen…I was four months in the upstairs bedroom with a make shift kitchen using a crock pot, electric skillet and a mini fridge while doing the dishes in the bath tub…TRUST ME I AM THANKFUL!!
Excerpt: More often than we realize, we lose precious energy through a fairly constant, if not quiet conscience, dissatisfaction with the space we’re given. ….Another problem with fighting our limits is that we can use our situation to excuse the neglected state of our souls.
OHhhhhhhhhh!! If I only had a peaceful place to pray…..if I only had a nice den to study in…..if only’s …sometimes we get wrapped up in that kind of thinking.
BUT have we forgotten that THE ROOM…..this sanctuary that you meet with GOD…..that TEMPLE is IN YOU!!!!!…and what does that room look like???
What kind of clutter do we got hanging out in our TEMPLE ROOM….
Me– I’ve been dealing with Anger issue…
We got Pain in there….unforgiveness….
shame….LOTS OF JUNK!!
Clean that room out with prayer and visualize yourself walking around the room of your heart with a garbage can and throw out that stuff!!! CLEAN UP YOUR SPACE!!
That’s it for this weeks THURSDAY THOUGHT — :0)
Thanks for listening…

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  1. starla says:

    Vinita thank you so much for writing this book. It is eye opening, inspiring and I love it!! Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them alot.

    Peace right back to ya!!


  2. Vinita says:

    Starla, thanks so much for sharing Days of Deepening Friendship with your audience. It means a lot to me when I learn specific passages that have been helpful to readers. And your commentary is inspiring!

    Peace to you,
    V Wright


  3. starla says:

    I know about that changing gears thing…she threw me when I went from Gods my Friend to CLEAN IT UP!! I was like WHOA!

    Christ is the great builder with His guidance within we will SWEEP the Temple!!!


  4. Deep. And all true too. We are the temple now! I was reading in 2 Kings where King Josiah was collecting money to repair the Lord’s temple. And I think, what am I doing to repair the Lord’s temple. Do I even care to repair it? Who do I trust to repair it?

    P.S. I was not ready to “change gears!”


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