Its not the time to PANIC…

FEAR : a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger.

Fear is a feeling that comes upon you when you are about to be exposed to harm. Suddenly you just know it is coming. This is the moment you should ACT to remove yourself from harm. This is danger from injury to yourself from another that ends in harm, risk or peril. Danger can be physical, mental, emotion and spiritual.  This FEAR is valid and we should listen to it. Act upon it. ACT!

ANXIETY: distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger.

Anxiety is the distress of mind that happens when no real danger is evident but you are in a similar situation that reminds you of a fearful situation. This is what most people think is fear. This is the feeling we don’t want to feel. Anxiety comes to keep us from speaking the truth. It keeps us from doing what we would do if we had so-called “no-fear”. Standing up to speak in front of a group. Starting a business. Confronting wrong. This is the place where “fear” of rejection comes into play, we don’t do what we would normally do if anxiety wasn’t present.

WORRY: to torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts.

Worry is the tormenting recall and imagination  in the mind when you are thinking about dangerous situations. This is the place of mulling over all the “fears” we have. There is no immediate danger. There is no similar situation going on. It is purely happening in the mind. WHAT IF’s? What if I tell her how I really feel? Will she hear me? Will she get angry with me? What if I don’t go to that party? Will they think bad of me? Will they think I think I am too good for all that? Regrets and If I only’s….This is just MENTAL TORTURE!!

PANIC: a sudden overwhelming fear, with or without cause, that produces hysterical or irrational behavior causing one to flee or to lose self-control.

Panic is when you suddenly stop listening to what you know and you begin to fight in your mind about what you know  and you lose your way, you lose your self-control and behave without rationality. This is when you REACT to what is going on around you without thought. Someone says something to you and you REACT without clarifying what is being said or identifying what is the issue. You just think you know. You REACT in defense with no true cause (no real action) and that is irrational behavior – that is loss of self-control.

ACT and REACT  –these words have been on my mind for a few weeks.

When we ACT we are making a deliberate movement toward a goal or some end by gathering the necessary information to make a affect. To affect is to produce a cause.

REACT is completely different. It is responding to what we hear,see,think, or feel with or without understanding. It is being effected by the cause of some outside of us action.

So as people who are here in this world to be of service to our Lord. We are to AFFECT FOR GOOD BY RIGHT ACTION. We are not supposed to be REACTING IN IGNORANCE WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THE TRUTH OF THE SITUATION. We are to be DEALING WITH THE ISSUE.

 It seems to me that much of the “fear” of being who we are,  speaking the truth, doing what God has called us to do is really anxiety and worry.

Philippians 4:6
Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition ( definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God.

Fear is to escape from DANGER by Action (The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom) It keeps us from danger to Act on His words.

Worry and Anxiety are to remind us to PRAY  (cast your care upon the Lord) Trust in Him!!

Panic is not to be among us. It is a mode of REACTION. An automatic physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual defense mode.

When we do not think (ie.-reacting) instead of  dealing with the issue… in our reaction we often attack each other…???

Zechariah 14:13
On that day men will be stricken by the Lord with great panic. Each man will seize the hand of another, and they will attack each other.

No time is the perfect time to PANIC!!!

ITs the time to ACT and PRAY!!

Today is National Prayer Day …Now ACT ON THAT!! :0)

Have a great day!! :0)

4 thoughts on “Its not the time to PANIC…

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  1. I often talk about acting vs. reacting….you’re right….HUGE difference! And that difference could be just the thing that gets us in a whole lot of trouble! And the other things you mentioned….fear, anxiety, worry, panic….I”m a little familiar with them all…..thank God that He is bigger than any of them and can deliver us from them all! 🙂 We must keep our eyes on Him.


  2. Yes He is and I am glad that He has given me eyes so I can begin to see these issue clearly and deal with my issues…thank Shelly


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