Watch those FEET!!

Ecc 5:1 Keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God, and be more ready to hear, than to give the sacrifice of fools: for they consider not that they do evil.


When I am watching my feet I am being careful of where I am walking. My mouth is often closed because I am paying attention to what I am doing and where I am going. I am looking, watching, waiting, being vigilant of where I am. In this verse it says we are to keep our feet when we go to the HOUSE of God. Know ye not that you are the Temple of the Holy Ghost….

You are the house…

You are to be careful at all times…not like WATCH OUT!! but like being FULL of CARE …for you ..for others…to let not FOOLISHNESS have you for lunch!!

We are to be READY to HEAR…from God…from others…for ourselves…to HEAR what???? TRUTH!!

All of life is speaking truth….it is what it is …are we listening ….are we seeing and hearing the TRUTH of all things. How many times do we know we are dealing with selfishness and let it be?? Or do we see the truth of the matter and deal with it. When we give into our own selfish desire or those of others, are we doing any good ignoring it… are we allowing it to ROOT and SPREAD???

Get Proactive!!

Over and over the bible says that FOOLS have mouths that GO GO GO…the sacrific of fools is MUCH TALK…later in this passage of scripture it tells us about keeping your vows you vow to God. FOOLS make grand promises to themselves …to others…to God. They keep flapping their jaws and perform nothing of their word. They are full of wind constantly blowing on and on and on…

Have we been FOOLS ?….saying what we ought not….making more than what it is….going on and on when it is over??? It says that these fools don’t consider that they are doing evil. They dont SEE what they are doing. Their selfish desires and sinful wants, need, and urges  run them.

See it for what it is…and MAKE WAR against those things (not people) that are ultimately against YOU and OTHERS and GOD!!

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  1. starla says:

    LOL…thanks I have known a few and been a wind bag at one time or another…HERE”S TO LEARNING !!Right??


  2. Amen! I almost fell out when you said: They are full of wind constantly blowing on and on and on… hilarious!

    I know I’m been foolish and selfish. I’ve been working on myself about it that too… especially knowing that I’m the Temple of God. He is living in me, so with that information I can’t afford to be acting like a fool.


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